Although I have not officially attended Twilight Covening and the Gryphon or Wyvern clans, I have spent the past 14 years of my life under the tutelage  of Cerillian in the ways of Dark Eros.  I have learned so much about my personal limits, my magical ability and my interest in merging magic and masochism.  It has been amazing the amount of baggage I have been able to let go of doing this work. It has also given me a tremendous insight into my powers ass an empathi and shown my ways to use my natural inclination as a submissive to work with Dominants on their issues and magical needs.  I believe Cerillian’s work to be of the utmost importance to the magical community in combining the natural skills of S & M with the magical world and allowing us to take a journey both internally and externally.  I am proud to have spent 14 years as protege and lover to a man who possesses unlimited power and magic.  I am honored to be allowed to practice Dark Eros.  I am even more deeply in love with this man…this man, who has opened the magical community to a new practice and helped to begin the process of mainstreaming our lives within the Pagan community.  With all my love, I support and supplicate my self to Dark Eros and my husband and partner in life and magic.

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