Its been over a decade since I took my first SM 101 class with Cerillian. I was at a spiritual retreat and was curious of the very nature of the titled class offered. Had it not been for his non-condescending humor and in-depth and personal knowledge, I am not sure I would have gone back for the second class. Kink, sex and spirituality are all loaded subjects in and of themselves. Cerillian was and continues to be able to present them all in a cohesive whole that makes sense for me.

From that very first class, Cerillian made it a safe and respectful space to explore some scary and dark places within myself. Being a single woman at the time, with body issues (who doesn’t?), these aspects of safety and respect were and continue to be keystones to his teaching style. He did not sanitize or de-scarify the very real nature of this work or spiritual path. Dark Eros is not a path for everyone because of the very nature of working with psyches, inner beasts and personal shadows. Cerillian knows this path well. For those who choose to walk it, it is wise to have a guide who is intergitous and knowledgeable. It doesn’t hurt, that he has a kind sense of humor either.

Now over a decade later, I continue to learn from and now work with Cerillian within the context of the Dark Eros path. I thank my Higher Power that I stumbled into that first class so long ago. And cringe at the way my spiritual progress could have gone had I met some other teacher or guide less intergritous or knowledgeable.

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