Cerillian’s Dark Eros workshops have been instrumental in promoting the practice of conscious, responsible, spiritually centered BDSM.

For those who are new to BDSM (as well as those who have been around the block a few times), Cerillian is a wonderful teacher of both basic and advanced scening skills, techniques, hygiene, negotiation, care and aftercare.  He is impeccable in his practice and adamant in his emphasis on personal responsibility for all participants.

There are many workshops and would-be teachers in Kinky World; what sets Cerillian and his Dark Eros workshops apart from others is his unique focus on the use of BDSM tools and techniques as a healing modality.  Dark Eros work is not just advanced scene work.  It is a method of intentionally harnessing the energetic exchange inherent in the power exchange as means for deep healing and emotional and spiritual evolution.  Nothing less.

Cerillian has developed his Dark Eros philosophy & techniques over many years and is highly skilled both as practitioner and teacher.  His guidance and insight have had a powerful, undeniable impact upon my life journey.  Those who feel called to combine the paths of consciousness and D/s power exchange will certainly benefit from this work.

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